CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company. Its most comprehensive and integrated virtual-and-mobility platform is the
world's first and only platform that brings "Everything about health" to the customer's doorstep.

CallHealth's mission is to provide a global eHealth Platform that leverages Technology, Knowledge and Human Capital for
comprehensive patient-centric services... Anytime, Anywhere.


CallHealth's Mission Control Centre driven, Intelligent digital platform, connects stakeholders seamlessly across the healthcare value chain. it assures the best clinical outcomes for its customers by monitoring and controlling all critical healthcare service measures. It does so, while continuing to extend the benefits of eliminated distances and reduced costs.

Powered by a monumental 4000 person years of developmental effort and tested over a representational population of 20 million people - covering metros, cities, and towns - CallHealth's proven and robust platform is now ready for national- and global-scale deployment.


As an "Everything about health" company, CallHealth has hundreds of offerings for wellness, prevention and cure. Customers can avail these services virtually using CallHealth's Platform, or be serviced at Home or at a Medical/Health Centre, based on their preference or the need.


CallHealth will extend its Platform-based virtual servies to a population of one billion in India over the internet and mobile networks by September 2019, beginning in January. It will also provide or facilitate services at home and customer-preferred medical and health centres across urban India, covering a population of 400 million people in the same period.


CallHealth blends its own innovative and pathbreaking approaches with the global best practices in 'technology' and 'medical' domian - in strict adherence to Medical Protocols - to bring the best of both worlds to the end user. The company is committed to constantly push the boundaries of excellence to stay at the leading edge of healthcare services in the best interest of its customers.

CallHealth has a proven partner-centric engagement model and collaborates with

players across the healthcare ecosystem


fall under two categories

Professional-Health Ecosystem Leverage Partners (P-HELPs)

P-HELPs are modelled after traditional franchises. CallHealth is singularly committed to making its HELPs in general, and P-HELPs in particular, incredibly successful. The company believes that its own success is intimately tied to the success of external HELPs. This is all the more so as the company shall be working with thousands of P-HELPs across the country.

P-HELP model is designed for partners who - having chosen an entrepreneurial path - would exclusively work with CallHealth in a broad spectrum of health related areas. They would engage in business development or servicing the customers as the case may be. These partners could, individually or in association with other leaders, provide the services directly. But more often than not, they shall also bring together a pool of Individual Service Providers (ISPs) - with competencies in chosen areas - through direct employment or contractual arrangements for rendering these services.

Associate-Health Ecosystem Leverage Partners (A-HELPs)

A-HELPs are established healthcare service organizations like hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, and wellness centres. A-HELPs own physical assets and cater to service requirements of CallHealth customers, apart from their own customers. This model preserves the independence of both CallHealth and A-HELPs while delivering the benefits of partnership to both, in addition to the enhanced service to the customers. The company will have in its ecosystem of partners thousands of A-HELPs across the country.

CallHealth also associates itself with a special class of A-HELPs called the 'Platform-A-HELPs' where there is a seamless integration between these PA-HELPs and CallHealth. In this model, CallHealth would extend its robust platform for internal use by the partner so that the relationship extends to not just CallHealth - customer - transactions, but to all-the-customer-transactions of the PA-HELPs offtering a greater benefit to both.

CallHealth is about being "Everything about health" to its customers - across all age groups - in a single click / call.

The three driving principles that guide CallHealth - so as to provide maximum comfort to customers - in sequence, are:

Any healthcare service that requires a physical in-person contact, should be done at home.

This implies that services like

  • Home Sample Collection, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Fitness Training, Yoga etc. and
  • Physical delivery of items like Medicines, Test Reports, Diet Food, etc. Can be brought to the customers doorstep
  • We refer to these as @Home services

Everything that can be enabled virtually should be done virtually.

  • Services such as Doctor Consultation, Specialist Counselling to Diet & Wellness Consultations by experts can now be availed from the comfort of one's home via Web, App or Call.
  • We refer to these as @Platform services

Services that require customers to visit a centre for In-patient care or for availing a wellness service etc., would require facilitation services.

  • This will ensure that the customer has priority access and minimal inconvenience
  • We refer to these as @Centre services and offer Medical Facilitation support to our customers