CallHealth provides its customers with a healthcare ecommerce delivery system –

CallHealthShop is a one-stop shop for authentic health and wellness products delivered at the customers doorstep. It provides a complete range of healthcare and wellness products at the convenience of the customer along with other services of CallHealth.

Benefits to you


Since we promote your products and brand, you can expect a higher business opportunity and increased sales.

Geographical Reach

Since we operate PAN India, you have the opportunity to sell your products across the nation.


To drive business on the fast growth track, CallHealthShop will undertake joint promotion programmes and marketing campaigns with Associates like you.

Zero Additional

You can increase your business and reach with no extra investment.

Access to
New Age Analytics

Our data analysis tools are at your disposal to provide detailed business analytics for fast, systematic growth of your business.

How to join us?

A simple 5 step process to start selling your products with CallHealthShop:

  1. Easy sign up and registration
  2. Merchant details are verified and approved
  3. Merchant is enrolled with CallHealthShop
  4. List your products on
  5. Customers see and buy your products

Details of commission and other charges:

Charge Components Percentage on product price
One time online store creation/ Onboarding charges Not Applicable
Product listing charges Not Applicable
Maintenance charges Not Applicable
Advertising Charges Not Applicable
Setup Charges Not Applicable
Commission 5%
Service Taxes Applicable

Payment Procedure

The payment will be processed on 10th / 15th / 20th / 25th and last day of every month. CallHealth will make payments to the empanelled seller within thirty (30) days from the date of products being shipped by the empanelled seller.